Mack Weldon Sweats


Today we are introducing Mack Weldon to Ape to Gentleman- a US brand founded as an underwear specialist with an aim of creating high-quality, simple basics. The result, a collection of socks and underwear made with premium fabrics for those with an appreciation for well functioning and well made basics.

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The brand has grown since to undershirts and t-shirts and now, moving slightly out of their underwear comfort zone, Mack Weldon have released a collection of modern sweats made for life outside the 9 to 5. Hoodie’s, crews and sweatpants are available in total blues, white and greys; with a slim fit for both products respectively.


Simplistic details, a well-designed fit and basic colour-ways make the sweats suitable for life in and out of the living room. Mack Weldon have essentially given sweats a grown-up makeover, adding a premium touch to what are still basic pieces of clothing.

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A wardrobe essential or a step too far from Mack Weldon? We think the former but whatever your opinion, the quality of Mack Weldon’s sweats and underwear are well worth your consideration.

Take a look at the collection for yourself online at available now.