Jovens- Cashmere Basics

In a world of fast fashion, have we forgotten about quality over quantity? Once valued; good quality and well designed classics that withstand to test of time. Not at Ape to Gentleman- we appreciate timeless style and quality. Following this ideal is Jovens- born after stripping down their own wardrobe to everyday basic- they wanted to craft a few key pieces to refine any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Jovens 100% pure cashmere scarf

Jovens 100% pure cashmere scarf

Kickstarter: Take a look at Jovens’ Kickstarter page where they are aiming to get their 100% pure cashmere scarf launched. Material, colour and initials are all customisable.

Jovens’ philosophy is to balance practicality and style, creating everyday basics in fine materials that are modern and timeless. A belief in quality and respect for natural materials, with pieces made in small batches to maintain quality and to reduce wastage where possible.


Jovens was founded by Kailey- a fashion buyer for menswear and prior to that, a graphic designer in clothing product development. And Fermin with a business background and career path in business banking, but with a passion to create high quality cashmere basics for modern gentlemen.

The truth is, if you’re a niche brand today without a multi-million pound marketing budget it’s important to do what you do exceptionally well. In Jovens’ case- mastering basics is 99% about the material. Designs are relatively simple, fit must be modern and branding on point, but if the quality of each garment isn’t superb- you have no brand longevity.


For each Jovens garment they have chosen cashmere as the key ‘ingredient’ – the natural fibre from cashmere goats, known for its soft hand feel and warmth quality. Said goats live in high mountainous regions, and as such grow an ultra-fine undercoat layer of hair to protect themselves from extreme cold conditions. This precious undercoat layer is known as cashmere. With each goat yielding only a few ounces that qualify as cashmere per year, it makes cashmere such a precious and valued natural fibre.


There are three types of cashmere colours: cream, beige and taupe, with the cream fibre being the rarest and softest. The best quality, superfine cashmere, is between 14-16 microns and is the finest and softest. Length also plays a part- the longer the fibre, the better durability it possesses. These attributes naturally lead to better quality cashmere, and how the material is processed plays a huge part in quality too.


Jovens cashmere is sourced from Mongolia and is superfine, 14-16 microns thin and 28-32mm long. Choosing only the finest cashmere leads to more durable yet airy light garments; Jovens work with a Mongolian cashmere factory, and its artisan technicians with over 30 years of experience using only imported European natural dyes.


So far Jovens have crafted a superfine cashmere sweater ($250) in grey, black and navy, alongside a cashmere blend gauze scarf ($120) in grey, navy and light blue. Incoming soon, as mentioned above, on Jovens’ Kickstarter is a new 100% pure cashmere scarf which can be customised with colours of your choosing, your choice of knit and initials.

With this kind of detail it’s safe to say that Jovens have mastered the quality basics tagline- we look forward to seeing this new brand grow with more pieces.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.