Argentum – The Anti-Ageing Miracle Cream

Argentum apothecary is the new miracle brand everybody is talking about, and with good reason. Containing Silver Hydrosol, the most pure and refined form of colloidal silvers, and DNA HP they have well and truly changed the ageing game.

Before you even apply the cream you can’t help but be impressed with the presentation. Held in a sleek opaque glass jar designed to keep out sunlight, ensuring the product stays fresher for longer, it really does look the like the movie star of moisturisers. The unisex products, made with 99.5% natural origin ingredients, are suitable for all skin types.

Silver Hydrosol gives the ultimate clean. Eradicating any bacteria in the skin and averting free radicals, Argentum cleanses deeply leaving your skin radiantly free from micro inflammations. The DNA HP is formulated in the products to protect the skins collagen and elasticity. This marine ingredient carries 10 000 times it weight in water leaving your skin fully rehydrated with out a oily layer over the surface of your skin.

Within minutes of applying the cream you can quite literally feel the affects of it tightening and firming your skin. The added caffeine boost allows for instant restorative cell stimulation. The profound effects on the skin really do leave you speechless, it simply defies the logistics of ageing.

The company have also created their own quirky archetype, by sending each customer a tarot card with their order. You can explore and discover what your archetype may reveal to you.