Asics fuzeX – running footwear and apparel

ASICS’ new range of running footwear and apparel the fuzeX has been designed to meet the needs of a new generation of runners looking for versatility and design. The fuzeX provides the ideal balance between performance and style featuring fuzeGEL, a new lightweight midsole developed by ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, Japan.


Targeted for a younger audience, the fuzeX range adopts a mix of bright colours and light materials that combine to make an attractive selection of footwear and apparel. Aimed at the short to mid-distance runners, the fuzeX shoes are a neutral pronation ride shoes for those who don’t overpronate or underpronate while running. If you’re unsure of your running style, it’s worth checking with a specialist, but these shoes have a good balance. When running you can feel when that there’s a nice even balance to the cushioning in the sole and heel. We trained with the fuzeX for distances ranging from 1 mile – 7 miles and even did a 13 mile half-marathon run to compare the performances.


During the shorter runs, we found that there’s the feeling of a solid ride giving confidence and a close-to-the-ground feel. However, once going beyond 9 or 10 miles the support isn’t quite there for longer distances which will give more pounding to your body. The Leg Balance Tights and fuzeX Packable Jacket were great additions to test the ride and gait of the shoes.

The footwear has a sleek three-dimensional curved design with a seemless construction which is quite contemporary but very comfortable. Even as a running shoe, it could double-up for a gym shoe quite easily. The rubber outsole material has high abrasion-resistant qualities for added durability, combined with a Solyte® material that is a lighter weight midsole enhancing cushioning and durability.

The shoes includes a new fuzeGEL technology — a unique composition of regular midsole material and GEL to promote a smooth and comfortable gait by absorbing shock upon impact and propelling runners forward on repulsion. In addition to the full length fuzeGEL, fuzeX features an 8mm heel drop and molded engineered mesh upper to give runners support whilst retaining overall lightweight.

ASICS Global Footwear Product & Merchandising Division Senior General Manager Gerard Klein commented on ASICS aspirations for the new fuzeX collection. “We recognise that runners today are looking for versatility, comfort and design in their footwear and apparel. By bringing together cutting-edge technology with minimalist design, ASICS hopes that fuzeX will make running even more accessible and enjoyable.”

We can see the fuzeX growing in stature and becoming a go-to running shoe in ASICS’ running shoe portfolio for beginner runners and short distance runners alike. With the colour range expanding to suit a variety of runners. We reckon the fuzeX trainer is ideal for those focusing on shorter distance training and lead an active lifestyle. To sumerise, the fuzeX is an elegant running shoe that has our vote when it comes to general training. We look forward to continue using it throughout the summer.

fuzeX – £100 –

Chris Chasseaud

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