Audi S5

The Audi S5 car was long overdue an update having launched back in 2007, but now there is a new version and Ape has been behind the wheel.

The two-door coupe- which shares a lot of its DNA with the A4 saloon- now wears a sharper suit, has a brand new engine plus a space-age interior. The new look maybe subtle but it has new curves that wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk.

Intricate alloy wheels, chrome detailing, four tailpipes and that plunging roofline give it the classic coupe look. The interior is just as beautiful; made from many cows and hi-resolution screens.

But one of the biggest changes is the engine. Audi has ditched the old turbocharged and supercharged V6 in favour of a single turbo V6 developing 345bhp- it might not sound like a big deal but what you need to know is that it is now more powerful, faster and lighter but also more economical.

It also sounds fantastic; a muted burble that rises to a howling crescendo. Plant your right foot and the S5 hits 62mph from a standstill in 4.7 seconds and romps onto a 155mph top speed. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is smooth when you’re taking it easy but press on and it can be a little sluggish- best to take control with the steering wheel mounted paddles and fire through the gears at your own pace.

Despite the sun-soaked pictures you see here, when we arrived we brought the British weather with us. But the relentless rain and soggy roads were the ideal conditions to put Audi S5’s quattro four-wheel drive system to the test. Even in monsoon conditions the S5 remains composed and surefooted, with the V6 turbo powering you out of tight and slippery bends.

Jonathan Burn

Jonathan Burn is a world renowned automotive journalist, and Ape's resident car expert with a deep appreciation for anything that drives fast.