Away x Gray Malin Luggage Collection

Away Luggage partnered with photographer Gray Malin for a collection which sees travel from a new perspective.

Away x Gray Malin is available in three colors, each lined with one of Gray’s aerial photographs. Coral is a bright, warm pink lined with sunbathers at Bondi Beach; Ocean is a soft, tidal blue featuring a group of paddleboarders exploring the coast of Rio de Janiero; and Alpine is a crisp white, dotted inside with skiers on the slopes of Whistler’s 7th Heaven Pass.


Gray Malin is a fine art photographer who believes art should bring people together and create shared experiences, drawing on his love for interior design and a spirit of travel and adventure to inspire his photography.

Away are a brand specialising in design for modern travel, starting with luggage, designed with features aiming to solve problems that travellers face on a day to day basis to enable them to get more out of their trips.


Since its founding in February 2016, the brand’s mission has been to create good-looking luggage that is affordable as well as functional. Believing that a suitcase is for life, their luggage is inspired by movement: times of transition, exploration and surprise, focusing on creating special objects that are home on the road.


The New Collection, by AWAY x GRAY MALIN

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