Custom Made: Top 10 Men’s Fashion Personalisation Services

We’re big fans of individuality here at Ape. Small touches that separate our clothing and looks from the crowd in a personal way are very welcome. After all, it’s easy to fall into the trap of dressing the same as everyone else, especially if you’re a fan of minimal, timeless style. Classics like the white tee, raw denim jeans and white leather sneakers can often leave you one of many when you turn up at the pub.

Fashion personalisation services are great in this respect – they allow you to add those unique touches that make you stand out. So whether you’re picking something out for yourself or an important man in your life, these are Ape’s favourite fashion customisation services.

Azuro Republic

When it comes to accessorising, a personalised bracelet is a serious power move. And if you’re going to be the man to rock one, you need to be looking at Azuro Republic’s custom service. Nobody else is able to provide such a customisable product with endless designs and enough material options to make a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The brand’s online customisation tool allows you to choose every element of your perfect bracelet with this unique touch transferring to every single bead. What puts so many men off buying jewellery is the inability to fully tailor it to personal preference, be it the fit of the band or the size of the beads themselves. With Azuro Republic the level of customisable detail is astounding, allowing you to alter the bead to the nearest millimetre.

It’s a service that cements the brand as an industry leader, and one we’d like to see replicated elsewhere.

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Nike By You

Sneakers are offender number one when it comes to unwanted uniformity. There was a time when it felt like every coffee shop in Shoreditch had a Common Projects door policy. Nike By You (previously Nike iD) is the antidote to saturated creps with the option to personalise a whole host of their new and iconic models.

Whether it’s a striking colour redesign of the Mercurial Superfly because you fancy yourself on the pitch or a tricked-out pair of Janoskis, the selection is vast and the colour options are frankly dangerous. Being able to add text or your initials to the tongue is a nice touch.

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Gucci DIY

As if buying Gucci wasn’t enough of a statement, you can now individualise its pieces. In true hyper-luxury style, the fashion house provides a DIY service allowing you to put a customisable finish on your item by choosing between a range of colours, initials, patches and materials.

Available on a selection of items including wallets, belts, tote bags and knitwear, it’s a grand gesture for someone you love or the ultimate treat for yourself.

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For a custom tailoring experience with thousands of premium Italian fabrics to choose from, endless design tweaks and personalisation options, and a great online user experience, you’ll struggle to beat Suitsupply.

Taking advantage of its direct-to-consumer business model, if you want a step above off-the-peg without the price point of bespoke then the Amsterdam brand is a great option for your next suit.

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You might not have thought about sunglasses customisation but Ray-Ban offer a simple online service that’s easy to navigate and with a bit of playing brings up some great results.

Choose between lens, frame, temple and engraving options with added leather case customisation. It’s a good way to put a spin on its iconic shapes and give them a stand-out twist. We particularly liked the lens effects and abundance of frame colours.

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If you’ve ever struggled to find pants that fit you perfectly off the rack, Spoke are a god-send. Rather than just offering up small, medium and large, the UK brand gives the customer the option to adjust cut, waist size, thigh size and leg length.

Offering its customisation across a number of styles, from dress pants to everyday chinos, you can also personalise your choice via monograming the back pocket. This is the antithesis of ill-fitting, fast fashion.

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Son of a Tailor

From custom bottoms to custom tops. Son of a Tailor offers custom-fit, made-to-order T-shirts and shirts. In fact, if your size doesn’t come up they’ll make it for you. But this isn’t just a gimmick. The materials used are of the highest quality – including 100% merino wool, silk-like tencel and other technical fabrics – and build quality is second to none.

Like other personalisation services you can add your initials, and there’s fine tuning available for things like neck shape, sleeve length and style. If you want to elevate your basics, look no further. Definitely one for those with non-standard frames and body shapes.

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When it comes to those all-important leaving gifts, special occasions and just downright indulgence, Montblanc is a name that instantly comes to mind.

It makes sense for the finest luxury goods, be it a pen or a wallet, to get the personalisation treatment. And after investing in something like a Meisterstück Wallet 4cc with coin case, it’s only right that the brand will personalise it for free.

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Most traditional Northamptonshire shoemakers offer custom shoes, but for us we’ve always been partial to the oldest. Established in 1829, Tricker’s are one of the best shoemakers on this planet – and as such, its bespoke service is excellent.

Not ones to brag and name names but clientele for this particular service includes royalty, giants of industry, global explorers and military leaders. A true badge of luxury, bespoke, by definition, allows you to adjust absolutely everything throughout the entire process, from choice of last to shoelaces. It will set you back, but the end result is worth every penny.

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Ralph Lauren Customisation

Ever considered buying a Ralph polo but didn’t want to blend into the crowd? You’re in luck. Perhaps somewhat behind the scenes, Ralph Lauren offers a surprisingly large personalisation operation, allowing you to customise an array of its classic pieces to surprisingly personal levels.

Allowing you to apply the brand’s various motifs and icons to a range of garments – including but not limited to polo shirts, knitwear, denim jackets and baseball caps – via a number of methods such as embroidery, printing or monogramming, it’s by far the most customisable service from a premium label out there.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to customisation, it’s all about the mix of options and quality and this is where Azuro Republic comes out top. Its simple drag-and-drop option for each bead is just one of many features that makes the user experience itself effortless. That, matched with the final product, is why the brand is at the forefront of men’s jewellery, changing perceptions of what it can be.

Elsewhere, Nike and Ralph Lauren are our picks for truly customisable clothing beyond mere monogramming, while new upstarts such as Spoke and Son of a Tailor are finally solving the sizing issue for men who don’t fit neatly into industry-standard body shapes.