3 Watches Guaranteed To Impress The Woman In Your Life

Newsflash: watches aren’t just for men. Granted, we’re the ones that tend to obsess over them to the point where horological addiction is a real and present danger; we’re also the ones that most watchmakers aim squarely at. By “we”, I of course mean young, attractive, astoundingly talented tastemakers.

However, there are a few companies that design timepieces for feminine tastes (and the daintier wrists that come part and parcel). So, depending on how much you love the woman in your life (that’s right, money = love), here are three watches that might just make up for that awful gift you gave her last Christmas.

Raymond Weil Repetto Shine

If there’s a line where soft femininity becomes nauseating, the Raymond Weil’s Shine collection is on the right side of it. This tiny 32mm watch is only just legible yet still manages to fit a date in there, along with a subtle white tulle motif across the centre of the dial. A diamond-set bezel adds a bit more shine that complements the strap, which itself uses the same material used in Repetto’s famous ballet shoes. Delicate and dainty, it’s the watch of a pastel-clad Parisian rather than a party girl.

£2,375 >

Chanel J12 Ceramic

This was always going to be on the list; it’s one of the best women’s watches out there. Yes, it’s technically “unisex” but try getting away with a nicely rounded 38mm watch. Unless your excuse is vintage, it doesn’t work. In fact, calling the J12 unisex kind of defeats the point. It’s a big (for women’s watches), bold and well-made “fashion” timepiece that’s pure Chanel.

It doesn’t rely on diamonds, pastels or delicacy but delivers the kind of credentials many men’s watches would kill for. No wonder it’s considered a bonafide classic.

£4,300 >

Moritz Grossmann Tefnut Sleeping Beauty

So, this is a bit of a leap in price. Still, if I was a woman, I would totally wear this watch. Assuming I married up of course. Created with multi-award-winning designer Michael Koh, the crescent moon isn’t just front and centre on the dial but is reflected further in the asymmetrical, diamond-set bezel. It’s a beautifully nuanced aesthetic applied with all the emblematic quality of the Glashutte watchmaker – with a superb in-house movement to boot. Of course, it has a price tag to match. Still, once in a blue moon.

£34,926 >

Samuel Kessler

Mr. Sam Kessler is Ape's Watch Editor, alongside being Digital Editor of watch and lifestyle magazine Oracle Time. He's also a self-proclaimed writer of luxurious temperament.