Bibendum Bordeaux Tasting

It’s reached that season where a crisp cold white just isn’t worth its salt anymore. It’s the season for a full-bodied red, and preferably one accompanied by a hearty meat dish or, better still, a smorgasbord of nosey cheeses.

Bibendum, 2012’s European Wine Merchant of the Year, is hosting its Bordeaux 2010 Tasting at the London Film Museum on Monday 12th November, making the perfect occasion for those wanting to sniff out a good red to invest in.

The annual event, which has become the biggest date in the calendar for Britain’s wine enthusiasts, offers an exclusive opportunity to taste the finest wines from the world’s most celebrated vineyards, with many of the chateaux owners and winemakers in attendance on the night to guide you through their creations.

We’re sad to say that there won’t be any lamb, steak, or cheese available on the evening to accompany your wine, but with such an excellent selection on offer, we’re willing to forgive.

Tickets cost £40 and are available from Bibendum Wine Ltd: