B&O Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphones

The best products are born out of necessity, and wireless earphones are exactly that- necessary technology. Sure, there are occasions where a set of good quality over-head, wired headphones can’t be beaten but for the active amongst us; wire-free wins. Running, cycling, skiing- any kind of sport where listening to music is acceptable (and not dangerous) or even commuting, my Apple supplied iPhone earphones for example must have become entangled in my bag strap countless times on the tube.

And when it comes to earphones there are only a few brands who hit the mark across the board; style, build, comfort and that all important sound quality. Bang & Olufsen is one of them. And today they introduced their all-new B&O Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphones. Designed by one of Scandinavia’s foremost designers, Jakob Wagner, we see signature Bang & Olufsen sound, sleek aesthetics and a first class tech experience.

Aesthetically, the Beoplay H5 earphones don’t disappoint- with a comfortable braided textile cable moulded in to the two rubber earpieces, both designed to prevent dirt and sweat from interfering with the electronics. For those who require London-tube related bragging rights, the H5’s boast a diamond cut and radially polished aluminium plate mounted on top of each earpiece with B&O logo. As an added touch, the Beoplay H5 comes with a magnet built into each earpiece, to click around your neck for easy-wear, access and as a loss-prevention measure. Clicking the earpieces together will also automatically power down to save on the 5hr rechargeable battery life- which, instead of inserting micro-USB cables in the earphones to charge, you simply click in the earphones into the cubic charger and two magnets hold the earpieces in place as they charge.

Where B&O really come in to their own is with the technology and as such, sound quality. The Beoplay H5’s have a 6.4mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing that allows for dynamic sound tuning- where a variety of preset sound profiles match the sound to different types of activities such as working out, commuting or listening to podcasts, through affecting tonality and sound. This is done via the Beoplay App which also serves as a battery status monitor, music control and for software updates.

Each pair of Beoplay H5 earphones include seven pairs of ear tips- three different sizes of rugged, heat sensitive and breathable SweatGuard™ Comply™ Sport, where the open cell structure foam guarantees comfort and a near-perfect grip in the ear canal, and four sizes of regular silicone tips.

Available now, the Beoplay H5 earphones come complete with a charger and a carrying pouch in black and dusty rose and retails for £199/ $249 at beoplay.com/h5, Bang & Olufsen stores and selected third party retailers.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.