Bondi Sands

Sand, sea and the sun, the enviable Australian image. Who doesn’t want a tanned torso, year round? Most of us anyway. Well, new to the UK this month is male-specific Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam for Men from Australian brand- Bondi Sands.


The innovative dual action formula features a fresh masculine scent, in an ultra lightweight non-greasy foam which produces a natural long lasting natural-looking tan. We were given a bottle to trial- and noticed a natural tanned glow developing between 1-3 applications. Click right then left on the pictures below- for before and after (3 applications). Note: our model is wearing Ape to Gentleman boxer shorts.

Finally a self-tanning product that doesn’t smell like soggy biscuits- a tell-tale sign or giveaway that you’ve applied self-tan. Just a clean, fresh scent. It’s also worth noting that the foam looks much darker than the end result so don’t be put off by the fear of deep-dark tan. Apply on day 1 and see how you fair on day 2 or 3, one application may be enough depending on how dark a tan you require.


To apply; avoid a streaky tan by ensuring your skin is clean and dry prior to application. Then apply evenly onto the skin in circular motion with your hands. Wait until touch dry before dressing. As before, it can be used daily as you require. Remember to wash your hands after use. As you can see- the tan is excellent; streak free and natural looking… earning Bondi Sands a permanent place on our bathroom shelf.

Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam for Men, £13.99/ 225ml at BONDI SANDS and Boots, and Superdrug stores in the UK.