BOSS Orange Watches

Fresh off the back of Europe’s recent success in the 2014 Ryder Cup, we thought the timing was right to take a look at BOSS Orange Watches. The reason being, there’s a real lack of affordable and easy-going sports watches available today. There are a plethora of quality dress and style watches for around the £200 mark but nothing matches the build-quality, and sporty style of BOSS Orange.

Designed for those who live more of a laid-back lifestyle, BOSS Orange Watches immediately bring images of the post-gym, sporty, casual and or travelling man – something for the weekend, the beach, or to add style to a relaxed weekend outfit.

Available in a variety of styles, many with a signature orange accent, real steel bracelets and as discussed that ultra-sporty look. Choose a chronograph, a subtle or bold design, a steel or silicon strap – the options are varied, yet most provide water resistance, crystal displays – and all are built to exacting standards.

We’ll be reporting back with a hands-on review of a BOSS Orange watch soon, but for now take a look at our top pick above – a varied offering to match an athletic style.

In partnership with BOSS Orange Watches.