Rebel & Crown

Established in 2014, Rebel & Crown provides men with t-shirts using British tailoring techniques to create a range of refined fits; ‘The Extra Easy’, ‘Standard Sculpted’ and the ‘Super Slim’.

For autumn / winter 2014 Rebel & Crown have created a short video entitled ‘The Perfect Men’s T-shirt’ showcasing the tailoring, detailing and process behind the scenes required to deliver their unique take on the t-shirt.

Rebel & Crown, founded by Daniel Attia and Jak Serr, incorporate Savile Row expertise and practises to develop this core, yet versatile collection.

“We cut t-shirts like you would a suit and experiment with the options. Everyone has a preference, which means ‘perfect’ isn’t a single shirt. We are obsessed with creating choices that allow people to look and feel the way they want, regardless of their style and build”