Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

Premium loudspeaker purveyors Bowers & Wilkins have designed, exclusively, for the all-new BMW 7 Series a Diamond Surround Sound System. It is the first of its kind: an audio system featuring advanced acoustic technologies never before seen in a commercial car, including Diamond dome tweeters.

Bowers & Wilkins use Diamond as their tweeter material of choice because it delivers the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity to deliver crystal clear, lifelike treble and sound.

For the collaboration BMW and Bowers & Wilkins joined forces to create an audio system that works in harmony with the car’s interior architecture, with every speaker placed for optimal acoustics.

The singular goal was to produce an audio experience that feels as though you are there with the artist in the studio.

The system looks as handsome as it sounds, with thin, yet rigid stainless steel speaker grilles featuring acoustically optimised Fibonacci patterned holes that allow more sound to pass through, but also blend into the cars’ interior.

The Diamond Surround Sound System features other Bowers & Wilkins core transducer technologies in the form of Kevlar® midrange drive units and Rohacell® bass drivers. The tweeters also benefit from Nautilus spiral diffusers, a technology derived from Bowers & Wilkins iconic Nautilus loudspeaker. This technology ensures that unwanted sound never reaches your ears.

The result is that the 16-speaker system delivers superb sound throughout the car.

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is exclusively available as a premium option with the all-new BMW 7 Series.