Bunney for D.R. Harris

This summer Bunney launches a new collaboration with traditional chemist and perfumer D.R. Harris.

D.R. Harris was founded as an apothecary in 1790 and has been a St. James institution for over 200 years. The D.R. Harris range of products continues to grow in size and reach as boutiques across the world continue to see the appeal of traditional British quality.

In contrast to this, Bunney is a contemporary unisex jewellery and accessories brand. While the brand is undeniably modern, the dedication to craftsmanship and artisan work is an essential and highly recognisable element of the line.

The two brands have come together under the aegis of shared values of craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

After being included in the British Airways First Class bag it gained much exposure and those in the know are never without it.The lip balm itself is unscented and contains menthol and cocoa butter for a tingling and healing effect with a unique hand-engraved silver lid.