Fighting Jet Lag

Long haul flights can take it’s toll on anyone, even those who are regular flyers. Business or pleasure nobody wants to look and feel awful for the first few days of their trip.. The next time you have to cross several time zones, you might not have to put up with the sleep disturbances, headaches and other ill effects known as jet lag.

Stretching or Doing Yoga

Even if you don’t do any yoga, finding time and space to stretch your body can help to release tension and make you feel much more relaxed. Find something you like on YouTube or just learn a sequence for your upper body, neck, shoulders, and most especially, your hips. These tend to be the tightest from sitting and from walking, stretching them is the best way to release that tension and avoid injuries.

Drinking Lemon and Hot Water

Half a fresh lemon squeezed into hot water is a wonderful way to wake up your body with a Vitamin C boost. If it’s too sour for you, add some raw honey. Drink after you wake up from a nap or from sleep after the your flight, and preferably before you take in any caffeine.

Hydration Therapy

Even in the nice front section of the airplane, long distance travel can make you seriously dehydrated. Your skin loses moisture and vitality during long plane rides and your body tends to lean toward dehydration, even if drinking water during the trip.

Although a completely natural reaction it is important to rehydrate straight away. Take hot showers and then moisturise your body – if your hotel has a humidifier in the room, it’s a good idea to leave this on for a while.

Keep your mind at peace and calm

Avoid all confrontation and stressful work as long as possible. If you can sit by or pool or at the beach and be patient with jet lag and all other things awaiting your attention, you can be assured of recovering much quicker.