Café du Cycliste

With the 2016 Tour de France in full swing, and the popularity of road cycling continuing to increase we’ve discovered another new cycling sport/ lifestyle brand of note- Café du Cycliste. Based on the Cote d’Azur, the brand produce ‘tailored-tech’ or high end technical clothing but not at the expense of style.

For summer 2016, Café du Cycliste’s latest collection is documented against a backdrop of the Canaries- a popular cycling location for amateurs and pros, particularly during the winter months- for cyclists seeking year round sunshine.


Georgette- a mid-weight merino jersey constructed from a high performance and super soft blend. It features a rear mesh panel and mesh sleeves for temperature control across a wider range of conditions. Styled with a one piece ‘chiminey’ collar.

Jaqueline- a packable gilet which fits into a jersey pocket but provides excellent protection. The windproof fabric is allied to a rear mesh panel for core thermoregulation and it features rear pockets, a reflective safety strip and added stretch for a better fit.

Micheline- a technical ultra lightweight jersey featuring two different types of mesh and designed for hot weather riding. With vertical mesh sleeves, a diamond mesh body panel and geometric design details.

Blandine- lightweight bib shorts built for warm weather riding. Constructed using two types of premium grade lycra for balance of compression and support, they feature perforated panels for temperature control, a single piece bib section and pad from CyTech.