Campfire Audio Orbit True Wireless Earphones: Sound Quality Like No Other

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If you’re fan of wireless technology and a connoisseur of best-quality earphones to deliver a blisteringly good music experience, then it’s time to appreciate Campfire Audio’s new Orbit in-ear monitors (IEMs). Known to the layman as earphones.

For those of you who aren’t aware; Campfire Audio are masters of high-end audio – known for their unique designs, eye-catching artwork and most dearly to their hearts – sound quality that will astonish. And the Orbit represents Campfire Audio’s first foray into a truly wireless earphone.

Ape to Gentleman were fortunate enough to get our hands on a set of Orbit’s to review.

Build Quality And Functionality

The Orbit is delivered with several foam and silicone ear-tips, and boasts two-tone housings shaped in a way that make them seriously comfortable to wear – despite a solid, robust design, with a stainless-steel sound nozzle and grille. Modern touch controls are simple to use, and taking calls is flawless due to the built-in high-quality microphone. Naturally, there are other mod-cons including a case with a battery level indicator to review how much playtime is left. A companion app which allows the user to customise Orbit’s touch control functionality and sound settings with a built-in 7-band EQ and pre-sets, while facilitating future firmware updates.

Sound Quality Like No Other

It’s difficult to explain the upgrade in sound quality compared to the ubiquitous Apple AirPods Pro 2 on our test bench, and which are seen by many as market leading. One phrase deemed suitable from our experience of the Orbit would be, ‘blown away’ – let’s leave it there, and head into the detail.

Campfire Audio has developed custom full range 10mm dynamic drivers for the Orbit, with a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm. The choice of driver materials makes for a dynamic listen boasting depth and low-end power. The LCP diaphragm adds finishing touches in sublime clarity, space, and energy for a thoroughly engaging and rhythmic listen.

The Orbit benefits from Bluetooth 5.2 which provides a stable connection with AAC and AptX Adaptive codec support, handling 24bit/48KHz audio. You’ll also delight over the 8.5 hours playtime from a single USB-C or Qi wireless charge, with an additional 30 hours of reserve playtime from its case.

Beyond being ‘blown away’ – a side by side comparison with Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 reveals listening via the Orbit being akin to a one-on-one solo session with your favourite artist versus a relatively flat and uninspired experience from Apple’s offering.

Dedicated Craftspeople

It’s fascinating how a small team of highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople from Portland; Oregon in the USA can produce a set of earphones so considerably better than the behemoth that is Apple. I write this content on an Apple MacBook Pro, which is a first-class laptop product – but in the world of high-end audio, with experimentation, precision materials, determination, focus, prototypes and a passion and purpose for excelling in the niche of truly sublime audio experiences; Campfire Audio lead the charge with the Orbit.

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