Founded in Milan in 1934, Canali is a mainstay of men’s haute couture- evident in their new Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection, where we see quality and modernity from Canali’s new Creative Director: Andrea Pompilio.


Canali has always been a brand that pays close attention to detail but also to comfort- making it suitable for every generation, innovating with outfits and contemporary sizing but avoiding those super-skinny trends, it’s classical yet modern styling with made in Italy heritage.

For Spring/ Summer 2016 we see polo shirts, windproof jackets and blazers in pastel colours; a new take on some of the most iconic pieces of this Italian brand.


One of the most interesting aspects of Canali and similarly quality brands is an ability for an expert and indeed a not so well trained eye to recognise an elegant Canali suit not by its logo or exotic colour but by the cut, shape and construction- it’s in the details. Concentrating on the quality and cut, Canali pay close attention to the rest of their ‘sale process’, from the tissue to the packaging, believing (correctly) that it helps get across their authentic tailoring and custom made brand philosphy.


Canali produced their products entirely in Italy; from buttons to lining, every detail, even the smallest is conceived, produced and packaged in Italy. And then, naturally- marketed and sold worldwide and also through their online store-


In the 80 year history of Canali, they continue to receive international praise in a subtle way, by being the understated choice of leading world figures, such as; politicians, cultural and cinema stars or musicians including Ludovico Einaudi, Alec Baldwin, Michael Douglas and President Obama who dressed in Canali suits during his election campaign, and since.

In true Canali style, we opt for these denim blue trousers with light blue linen jacket- they top of our wish list for the summer 2016. Team with brown shoes and a light blue shirt.