Caran d’Ache “Year of the Monkey” Pen Collection

To honour 2016 and the “Year of the Monkey”, Caran d’Ache have released a Limited Edition pen collection- a tribute to Chinese culture using the ancestral technique of Chinese lacquer in evoking the spirituality of a civilisation rich in symbolism.


The pen is designed with an animated monkey leaping out in bright yellow Chinese lacquer on a glossy black background that has been patiently applied layer after layer according to ancestral tradition.

The monkey’s coat, with long arms and expressive face are depicted on the body of the pen- a design that is typically Asian in character. We also see typical Caran d’Ache pen styling, with individual numbers engraved, and covered in yellow gold- symbolising the sun and light, a sign of prosperity and a good omen in Asia.

The “Year of the Monkey” edition is limited to 888 pieces as a subtle reference to Chinese culture.

In Detail

  • Limited to 888 fountain pens and 888 roller pens with gold-plated trim.
  • Body and cap: monkey depicted in Chinese yellow lacquer on polished black Chinese lacquer.
  • Caran d’Ache Chinese seal in red.
  • “Swiss Made” and Caran d’Ache logo engraved on the ring of the writing instruments.
  • Fountain pen can be used with an ink pump or Caran d’Ache cartridges.
  • Fountain pen nib in 18-carat rhodium-finished gold, available on request in 3 widths (M, F, B).
  • Roller pen uses a Caran d’Ache roller-point cartridge.
  • Presented in a valuable lacquered wooden box accompanied by two certificates: Caran d’Ache Limited Edition, and Authentic Chinese lacquer.
  • Swiss Made quality standards of manufacturing ensure its long life, and each pen is covered by an international lifetime guarantee.

The “Year of the Monkey” limited edition is available from December 2015 in all shops specialising in Haute Ecriture.