Champagne Charles Heidsieck ‘Bon Voyage’

A true collector’s item, “Bon Voyage” bag is a tribute to the elegance that was Charles Heidsieck during his worldly travels. This rare edition contains four bottles four wines emblematic of the great house Charles Heidsieck: the Brut, Rosé Reserve Brut Vintage 2005 White and the Millennium 1995, and a removable rod in which is embedded, as in a green, one of the 6 preened included in the bag.

The proceeds of these piece will be donated to the Association of American Friends of the Memorial Hospital of Reims, which is intended to provide assistance and cooperation for the benefit of children REIMS and the region.

Made in France, the bag is cut from full grain leather, saddle stitched to perfect its thousands of intricate details, inspired by the very first medicine bags. The pewter of the cane handle and the flute feet have been worked, shaped, polished and engraved with the Charles Heidsieck monogram.