The Charles Eames Office Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, in your own home office, you certainly should be. It’s all well and good having all the latest mod-cons and interior design essentials in your meticulously planned home office but if you don’t have somewhere comfortable to sit and be creative, then it will all be for nought. As luck would have it, there is a designer famed for the calibre of his office chairs and he goes by the name of Charles Eames. He considers both form and function in his designs and you’ll have to go a long way to find a more ergonomically, exceptionally and visually impressive piece of seating for your office than an Eames office chair.

Eames designed many pieces specifically for use in an office environment but few were more striking than that of the Eames EA108 Office Chair pictured above which was, and still is, one of the most commonly used and celebrated office chairs of its type and makes the perfect choice for any chap looking to kit out his own home office. Eames was an innovative designer who was responsible for numerous creations that pushed the envelope of design when he first released them over half a century ago in the 1940’s and 50’s. Such is the calibre of design of Eames office chairs, they have truly stood the test of time and continue to be used with great regularity in today’s contemporary office environments.

Finding the right interior design choices for a home office is no mean feat but as long as your key component is an Eames office chair, the rest should fall into place. When the opportunity to work from home arises, most men will jump at the chance but, unless you get your fundamentals of design right, this privilege will not be as enjoyable and rewarding as it could be with a well choosing piece of seating and the right desk and storage solutions.