Chivas x Bremont: Made for Gentlemen

Bremont and Chivas, two companies distinguished by their commitment to producing products of quality. Whilst the focus for their efforts may be different, the brands’ values merge in many ways and are perfectly displayed in their recent collaboration: the ‘Chivalry’ watch by Bremont.

Available exclusively through an online auction that runs until November 22nd, with all proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Scheme, the limited edition timepiece showcases an elegant polished stainless steel casing embossed with a ring of oak wood at the reverse sourced from the barrels at the Chivas distillery. Furthermore, a custom moulded rotor is engraved with the names of the whisky labels founding brothers, James and John Chivas. Constructed with precision under the expert eyes of the Bremont team, the watch is a testament to the shared values of craftsmanship and passion that the two companies demonstrate.

Another similarity, which cannot be overlooked, is brotherhood. Much like Chivas, the British watch-manufacturer was set-up by brothers and, since founding the company in 2002, Nick and Giles English have firmly established Bremont in the world of horology through their unique offerings.

“We strongly believe in creating products that have a very British style that reflect through not only the watches themselves, but through our image also,” says Giles, adding “We benefit from a wonderful British watch manufacturing history that’s helped us create a strong and interesting product.”

We can only speculate on the working relationship between the Chivas brothers, but agreeing on the expectations of their product cannot be disputed. It seems that the same can be said for the English brothers. “It’s very easy designing together, but there can be a negative on the basis that sometimes our visions are too similar,” Giles points out. Regardless of potential disputes, the dedication to their product is a point that cannot be argued.


Whilst we might not all be able to bid on the prized ‘Chivalry’ watch, we can all at least invest in a small piece of Bremont design with the ‘Made for Gentlemen’ limited edition tin, housing a bottle of the classic Chivas 12 blend; a small but befitting consolation for those waiting to purchase their first Bremont timepiece.