Columbia – Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket

Columbia’s latest release marks their first high-performance, environmentally-friendly jacket.

With added warmth thanks to 700 fill power down insulation, the jacket is waterproof, breathable, and fully seam-sealed. The Titanium OutDry Ex Eco Down Jacket features textile and trim made from 100% recycled content, is dye-free, and includes RSD-certified down.


The issue of PFCs is an environmental concern that Columbia feel they must address 365 days a year. In Spring 2017, Columbia’s OutDry Ex Eco Jacket offered people an environmental solution to staying dry without the use of harmful PFCs. As a company rooted in the outdoors, the brand has strived to create more environmentally friendly solutions over time.

This Autumn, Columbia will offer an environmentally conscious way to beat cold and wet conditions with the OutDry Ex Eco Down Jacket and the OutDry Ex Eco Insulated Jacket. From a performance perspective, the are designed to keep the wearer warm without the risk of ever wetting out. And from an environmental standpoint, it is the most environmentally friendly insulated jacket the brand has ever produced.


With all intentionally added PFCs removed, the main fabrics of the jackets are 100% recycled polyester, made from approximately 23 recycled plastic bottles for the OutDry Ex Eco Down Jacket and 27 recycled plastic bottles for the OutDry Ex Eco Insulated Jacket (the difference is due to the amount of fabric used in the respective jackets).


Using recycled Polyester to make the jackets helps to reduce energy needed for oil extraction and reduces landfill burdens by keeping plastics out of waste streams. The garment fabric is also not dyed, reducing water, energy and dyestuff traditionally used in the manufacturing process. This equates to an 80% water saving from the dying stage, when compared to a standard fabric that is dyed.


The surface of the jacket is not a textile that can easily trap dirt and stains, meaning in most cases it can be simply wiped clean. This reduces the need for washing- washing the jacket only once per year instead of the standard five times would save an estimated 52 gallons (197L) of water over the it’s lifetime.


The Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket, by COLUMBIA

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