We wrote about A Day’s March in June of this year- our first exposure to the Swedish menswear label founded in 2014. With its high-quality, clean-cut basics and wardrobe staples at affordable prices- we were instantly impressed. Having invested personally in a variety of items I was keen to learn more about the brand from one of the three founders; Marcus Gårdö.


Classic Wool Coat (£265) in navy

I own a pair of Denim No.1 (£85) jeans in black, the Classic Wool Coat (£265) in navy (pictured above) and a Wool Blazer (£230) in navy (pictured below). All of which are exceptional quality. If you need a brand to give A Day’s March context, then you’d be mistaken to think that Everlane for example is a competitor- at £50 for a pair of Everlane jeans, the price point is comparable but the quality isn’t. A Day’s March sits in that space where you’re getting great quality, comparable with say J.Crew but for around have the price.


Wool Blazer (£230) in navy worn at merciawirksworth.com Resturant & Wine Bar, Derbyshire

A Day’s March really is a brand to watch, like Harry’s shaving or Warby Parker sunglasses- high quality, affordable basics- certainly worth your consideration. To read our original brand overview click here, or to learn more about A Day’s March from Marcus Gårdö, read on. The photos in this feature are of me wearing the aforementioned A Day’s March clothing and this Parmigiani Fleurier watch.

How and why did you create A Day’s March?

In 2013 I (Marcus Gårdö) needed a white shirt for a dinner party but everywhere I turned I couldn’t find a premium quality shirt for a fair price. I knew that the wholesale business of selling to 3rd party retailers was inefficient and that inefficiency was paid for by the customer, in the form of higher prices.

So the idea came about, what if you could build a vertically integrated men’s clothing brand that made high quality products and sold it directly to the consumer at a valuable price?

And with the idea of building a better shirt for less, I teamed up with friends Pelle Lundquist and Stefan Pagreus who had experience in the fashion and advertising industries. Together we formed A Day’s March in 2014.


What does the name mean?

Our name, A Day’s March, comes from an old military term referring to how far an army could move in one single day. We believe it’s a fitting name for a clothing company that helps you to keep going through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life with your head held high.

What are A Day’s March core principles?

We focus on style, not trends – we make garments that last over time.
Our goal is to help you get through the day with style and dignity – whether it’s a hectic day at the office, at the beach with a gelato in your hand, or at your mother’s fifth wedding.

Can you describe the brands’ aesthetic?

Scandinavian minimalism with Italian and American menswear influences


What is A Day’s March’s differential?

We offer premium quality clothing at a friendlier price than most other brands and we believe that this is what people want – smart guys don’t want to overpay. One important thing is that we don’t see ADM as a mid-tier brand, however; rather a direct competitor to luxury labels. The price may be lower, but our products are as good as those offered by the competition but because of our business model we can offer lower prices.

Have you experienced any challenges so far, and how have you overcome them?

We have had many challenges, in particular with production. In the beginning we immediately sold out the top sellers leaving us with a huge gap in product supply. It took us over 6 months before we could fix this issue.


What does the future look like for A Day’s March?

We see a great future ahead of us. We are growing at a rapid pace – over 100 % per year – and our goal is to continue doing so. We still believe in physical stores as a way for customers to experience our brand and this will be integrated seamlessly with our online store. We aim to continue growing in both areas but of course we see the biggest potential coming from online channels. At the moment we are focusing on markets outside of Sweden and we are now looking closely at opening up a store in London, which will hopefully be open some time next year.

Finally, and briefly, why should Ape’s readers buy your products?

I think that if you have an eye for detail, you want to wear high quality, timeless products and you don’t want to overpay, you should definitely come to us.