Cook to Impress Her

It’s one thing to take your woman out for a romantic night on the town; it’s a whole other to romance at home. Chances are she’ll be better wooed by a creation of luxury in the comfort of your dwelling. The candlelight dinner, the crystal glasses of champagne and the fact that you took the time to prepare the evening may win her over forever. Is there anything more attractive than a well-dressed man who can cook? We didn’t think so. Dress to impress, but only to impress her. Here are some options to ensure a better night for two at home.

Option 1: The Ultimate Casanova

As she walks in, hand her a Kir Royal because bubbles are the best way to begin the evening. You’ll need to carve out a large part of your day to prepare the meal. The satisfaction level will be unparalleled when you witness her reaction. A bite-sized starter with an explosion of flavour is the perfect way to begin. Dazzle her with a plate of blinis and caviar to arouse her palate.


Next, include a woman’s two favourite ingredients, chocolate and red wine, into a sauce and serve it over seared duck. Make sure to pick up a stellar bottle of Pinot Noir; she’ll appreciate your knowledge in wine pairing, trust us. Serve the duck with rosemary roasted potatoes and homemade aioli and she’ll be amazed (yet again) at your attention to detail.

Finish off with chocolate covered strawberries for a light and aesthetic way to end off the meal.

Option 2: The Pressed for Time Romantic

No time for option 1? We’ve got it covered. You’ll be required to make a trip to the best fish shop you know, preferably on the day of. Don’t skimp on quality, the goal is to impress her after all.

Romance and champagne go hand in hand. Make sure to have one chilled at the table upon her arrival. Little suggests sophistication to the same degree as a platter of oysters, a known aphrodisiac. Prepare a little sauce mignonette or simply cut some lemon wedges on a plate.


As for the main, we suggest a light tuna tartar with sesame and ginger to awaken her senses. It looks impressive and is by far one of the quickest meals to make: a winning combination. Serve it on a bed of sweet potato mash and garnish with sesame seeds. Go classic with a bottle of Chablis or be daring with chilled sake to accompany your feast.

For dessert? Keep it simple with strawberries and whipped cream. You’ve impressed her enough and remember, in simplicity lies absolute elegance.

Option 3: She’ll Never Know


There’s no shame in not being able to cook. But you can pretend for one night, can’t you? She’ll never know. Choose The Supper Club Meatballs & Pasta Al Forno from Sainsbury’s – made with pork and beef meatballs with egg pasta and cherry tomato sauce topped with Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella, Cheddar and parsley, it’s fit for a princess and tastes delicious (we can verify this). It’s the thought that counts in our view and besides staying ‘INin’ is the new going ‘OUTout’, right?

The evening doesn’t need to end there. Make sure to have an elegant bottle of Chianti on hand and see where the evening takes you. Thank us later.

To download the recipes recommended above click here.

Caroline Schurman-Grenier

Caroline finds her passion in sharing stories about food. She’s always hungry, never bored and often discovering.