Coze is born from a wealth of knowledge and experience dating back four generations to 1897 in the heart of London’s East End.

Their towelling is made in the Aegean region of Turkey; the longer thread cotton farmed in the area equates to a softer towelling with a better absorption.

Coze blankets are made in a Yorkshire mill dating back to 1783, and their duvets and pillows are filled with natural duck down from the Pyrenees mountains.

An important factor in the production of Coze product is quality, and they company works collaboratively with its farmers and factories to produce the very best.

Ape recently interviewed the founder of Coze – Ben Roston – to find more about all things linen…


Ben, you love all things to do with bedsheets and towels, why?

So many ways I wanted to answer this question, but we’ll go with the main one.

I was raised to appreciate all these things as my family, stretching back to my great grandfather in London’s East End have worked in textiles. I suppose you could say that it runs in my blood.

So, OK we get it, a family business and you are now behind the exciting Coze brand. Why did you start it?

The family business provides bedding for some of the world’s top hotels and we were getting more and more enquiries from customers who loved the product they slept in and the towels and bathrobes they were using.

Also, we believe we have identified a gap in the market as there is no company exclusively offering these products that has the heritage and knowledge that we do. 


You have a younger brother who is also part of the business along with your father – do tell us some gossip about how it all works?

Fortunately, we rarely lock horns as we all look after our own parts of the business and stay clear from each other as much as possible. Meetings where we are all involved can turn into a bit of a sketch show, which can be entertaining for clients. Other than that, we meet for lunch daily to discuss any issues that may have arisen.

Why is it called Coze and do people often confuse it by saying Cozee?

We embarked on a bit of a creative workshopping to get the name and it’s not as easy as some might think. Yes, it is Coze, as in ‘Doze’ and people do get it a bit wrong, but that creates dialogue. We like the connotation it has of relaxing, being comfortable and warm.


What were some of the other names that nearly made it?

Oh there were some really awful suggestions, but you need those to get to where you want to be. It can be quite an enjoyable process. Some of the funnier, tongue-in-cheek names included…

A Sheety Business

Best In Bed

Dream and Dry

Dr Heat

Get Down


Going Down

Good Sheet



So, how would describe Coze in a sentence?

Avoiding expletives I would say that Coze is….

Well-considered and impeccably made products built on a foundation of luxury heritage to complement our customer’s lifestyle.

What’s the competition like within this market, especially here in the UK?

We believe that we are the only company that truly specialise in the provision of first class linen and stand alone in providing the very best in high end bedding and toweling products to the public.

Of course we have competition from companies such as The White Company and department stores such as John Lewis, but ultimately they are offering bedding as only a small part of their proposition.


Where would you position yourself against competitors and who are they?

We would describer ourselves as being at the top end of the High Street, so we are not crazy prices like Harrods but what we do have is fantastic quality at a premium price like Selfridges.

What have been the stand-out issues for the brand which is only in its first year?

Honestly, it’s getting people to know the brand, especially the high linen user.

Everyone that tries our product absolutely falls in love with its quality. We have had some great press interest and orders are snow-balling, but I must say it hasn’t been an easy ride. We didn’t expect one either. 


How important is story-telling to you considering you’re, at the moment, just retailing online?

It’s imperative. Story-telling is key. We decided to launch this at the start as an e-commerce brand so obviously that means we have no presence on the High Street. It is therefore essential that we capture potential customer’s imagination when they visit our online store.

How do you get around the touch and feel aspect to purchasing that is so very important in this field?

We have beautifully branded swatch booklets that we send out to customers and potential buyers across all our linen and toweling products. The conversion rate from this has been highly successful.


Where is the product made and why did you choose those territories?

Our bed linen is from India and we have been using the same factory for the 5-star hotels for years. It’s a small family business, who are truly artisanal experts in their field. Everything is finished by hand and we can trace the cotton all the way from the farmers to the final product. This ethical awareness is of the utmost importance to us.

Out toweling items are from Turkey as we believe they make the best in the world.

Pillows, Duvets and Toppers are from a down that we farm in the French Pyrenees. The birds here are very cold so develop a large cluster of down for incredible insulation.

Our classic cashmere and wool blankets are made in Yorkshire at a prestigious mill where the same family has been producing them for seven generations! 

Our cashmere blankets are from Mongolia and finished in Italy.


What is the aim of the Coze brand for the next five years, will you look to have a shop at any point?

We are certainly not ruling out having a High Street presence but first we want to secure our slot as the go-to company for high-end customers who desire only the best in household textiles.

How about collaborations, what is the most terrifying thing anyone could do to your product in the name of ‘coolness’?

One very strange little fellow we know has suggested that we get local artists to use our sheets to see what creative output flows from them  – I don’t know if this is a great idea or utter rubbish!?


Good. So tell us the next steps and where we can gave a good old look at the product.

We are very aware that we are only 6 months old and business is growing weekly.  

Currently we do not have any desire to make any big changes or add many products.  Our ethos from day dot was to launch a brand with a very select and tailored offering show-casing a small collection of only the best products. If we start increasing our range or ringing the changes, we risk losing our simple brand message.

For more information about the Coze brand please visit they would be delighted to help!