côte&ciel Lagoon Spa Pouches

Minimalist and intuitively easy-to-use accessories- the building blocks upon which Parisian brand côte&ciel is built. Used for work or travel côte&ciel balances sophisticated fabrication, technical knowhow, ergonomic design and progressive style with perfection.

côte&ciel or coast and sky in English finds design inspiration from its namesake- experimenting with rigidity and malleability, movement and stasis, tradition and innovation. The result is unique bag design- something subtly different.

Founded in 2008 in Paris’ trendy Marais district côte&ciel have built a reputation for pushing the boundaries with design, whilst maintaining highest levels of quality in all other areas. So much so, that tech-giant Apple chose to work closely with the French brand. They have also collaborated with a variety of trend-setting brands; Comme des Garçons, Mykita, Beams, 10 Corso Como and Attachment.

One of Ape’s favourite côte&ciel creations is the Lagoon Spa Pouch also known as a wash bag- ideal for housing your favourite men’s grooming wares whilst on the move locally or abroad. Available in a variety of colours including black, rust, deep-purple and grey, all constructed in durable neoprene. Included with each Pouch is a waterproof zip, zippered inner pocket and a clear pop-out pouch for easy presentation of liquids at airport security. A detachable strap means each Lagoon Spa Pouch can be hung in the shower or bathroom for ease of access.

Lagoon Spa Pouch, from £60 by COTE&CIEL