A visit to D.R. Harris

London, England and the St. James D. R. Harris store- home to one of the most historic grooming brands in the world. Known for their high quality products, the store oozes English tradition, quality and sophistication.

Founded just before 1790 at No. 11 St. James’s Street, D R Harris established a reputation selling Lavender Water, Classic Cologne and English Flower perfumes to the stylish gentleman resident in this area of London. One of the proprietors, Henry Harris, was a surgeon, while Daniel Rotely (D. R.) was a Pharmaceutical Chemist.

The company grew from strength to strength most notably for the quality and performance of their men’s grooming and skincare products and results. In 2002 D R Harris were appointed as Chemists to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, an honour that was added to in 2012 when they had the Royal Warrant for Her Majesty the Queen bestowed upon us.

We figure; if it’s good enough for Prince Charles, it’s good enough for us. Available at mrporter.com now.