Czech & Speake Air Safe Manicure Set

As any international traveller will know, getting your essential grooming products through check-in is never easy, particularly with carry-on. 100ml limits (varies), no sharps – it can make things tough.

To counter one issue, Czech & Speake, noted for quality and style have released a new ‘Air Safe’ manicure set. All the instruments are made in Solingen, Germany. The long-life nail file was developed especially for Czech & Speake using high tech and super-sharp synthetic crystals which act like microscopic planes to trim and shape the nail edges. The Teflon coating on all the instruments boosts their life span by reducing oxidisation and acting as a dirt repellent, ensuring hygiene.

Crux: the unique manicure set has been created to conform to international regulation on hand luggage restrictions, and costs £196.