Imedeen Tan Optimizer

Released just in time for summer from skin supplement kings; Imedeen, is their new Tan Optimizer. Imedeen have been the pioneers of internal skincare since 1991 and are today, the world’s #1 anti-ageing skincare supplement – take a look at the anti-ageing, skin improving Man-age-ment supplement we reviewed early, here.

Tan Optimizer is helps prepare the skin for the sun, with anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin E contributing to the protection of cells from UV induced oxidative damage. Other sun-preparative ingredients included are a unique blend of carotenoids: lycopene, beta-carotene and natural lutein, sourced from marigold flowers. Lutein is a pigmented nutrient responsible for the golden, bronze and copper coloured petals of this annual summer favourite. Tam Optimizer also helps support normal skin health.

Remember, this is a preparation – you should wear an SPF moisturiser daily, and if you’re on holiday or outdoors and in direct sunlight – wear a sunscreen (SPF15 and above) to avoid burning, skin-ageing and worse (skin cancer). Begin taking supplement (one a day) from a month before your holiday and throughout it.

In a nutshell; Tan Optimizer helps prepare skin for sun exposure by supporting the skin’s own protection mechanism. Independent studies of Tan Optimizer showed a boosted production of melanin, the skin’s natural defence against sun, which translated means skin’s sensitivity to the sun is minimised resulting in a longerlasting tan.