Conceptual artist Damien Hirst renown for his formaldehyde series of preserved animals and his platinum and diamond encrusted skull For the Love of God, has turned his skills to fabric design. The New Religion Blanket features icons from Hirst’s New Religion series and is large enough to cover a double bed.

Made painstakingly with true respect to tradition, the 100% cashmere blankets are made in Scotland on Jacquard looms, and then finished by hand. Using techniques similar to those used 150 years ago, fabric and colour are built up in layers and given clarity and depth by the use of soft, pure Scottish water and cloth woven from the finest of fibres. Part of the finishing process involves air-drying and paper-pressing the blankets to ensure a lustrous surface.

The luxurious cashmere blanket’s bold design would make the perfect study accompaniment for any modern gent. The blankets are exclusive to Hirst’s part owned company, Other Criteria for £975.