A Day in the Life: Filson Bags

Let’s start things off on the right foot: Filson bags are built to last. The Seattle-based outfitters has built a reputation on the back of their lifetime guaranteed bags and we find the prospect of this bold statement a reassuring factor behind investment in the brand. With a superb selection on offer we trialled the compact Small Duffle and report back our findings of this adaptable piece of luggage.

It’s early and throwing gym clothes in to the Small Duffle is executed with bleary-eyed confusion. Cutting through the park feels more like an excursion in the wilderness with the rugged fastenings of the bag hoisted over one shoulder. A light drizzle falls, but thanks to the bags storm flap, zip and contents remain untouched by Mother Nature.

As always the day involves meetings, meetings where the design-conscious eyes of all are cast upon our trappings. Some may see the Small Duffle as too rugged for professional excursions, but teamed with well-made suiting the juxtaposition between rough and refined works harmoniously and coos of approval are heard as the laptop is slipped from the bag like an urbane Grizzly Adams.

The Rugged Twill construction of the duffle is accented with durable bridle leather fittings that look immaculate new and only improve when broken in. Thrown about whilst trekking through town the construction offers reassurance that the bag’s tough enough to stand up to continual use and abuse.

The day wraps up boarding a flight to Scotland, the carry-on moment of truth. Though generous in volume the Small Duffle still falls within security guidelines and gets to the gate without issue. Aboard the plane a smug smile grows as the bag’s slipped easily under the seat whilst other passengers fight for space in the overloaded overhead lockers. As the plane takes off we come to the conclusion that this sturdy piece of apparel, backed-up with a lifetime guarantee, is the perfect partner for all urban and outdoors exploits.