Derm Ink – Tattoo Care

Finally, a brand with genuine abilities and style for the tattooed brothers amongst us. The usual scenario; you research long and hard, find the tattoo you’ve always wanted. Make a trip to your local tattooist and then what? Derm Ink have created a range of products to clean, hydrate and prevent fade. A one-stop brand for complete tattoo aftercare.

With a rise in fashion, celebrity and advertising based tattoo ‘fame’, our desire to get ‘inked’ is as pertinent as its ever been. As such, Derm Ink’s arrival is more than timely. In the past, caring for freshly tattooed skin was limited, inadequate, over priced and generally, an uncomfortable healing period.

Derm Ink’s approach is that there isn’t one miracle cure-all product for correct tattoo aftercare. To approach this their formulas and French manufacturing laboratory have developed three products which allow the skin to breathe. Each is light for optimal absorption and made with innovative innovative ingredients, rigorously selected for fast regeneration of the skin.

The three products include a Tattoo Cleansing Soap (£7) which cleans, prevents infection and speeds up healing. A Tattoo Balm (available in two sizes, £7 and £12) which encourages skin healing and regeneration. And Tattoo Protection Cream (£16) which prevents fading, dryness and environmental damage.