Spa treatments for men?

The increased popularity in spa treatment amongst men has been largely helped by the fact that spas are noticing the rise in active interest in men to take care of themselves. Beyond personal grooming there’s a desire to look after yourself in a more wellbeing sense – lifestyles can be harsh to our bodies, so eating well and looking after our body is becoming more and more important.

We went to examine the appeal of spa treatments by treating ourselves to a Full Body Scrub and Massage at Spa Verta in Battersea who are offering a Twilight Spa Day during the fortnight promotion. The spa is a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, situated in the basement of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. With a very peaceful ambiance, the spa immediately lends itself to put you in the right relaxed mood. Staff are welcoming and friendly and looked after us very well. Facilities are modern and attractive – rather appealing to spend added time there. We were relaxed and comfortable while expertly treated throughout the scrub and massage.

During our whole experience there you could sense why men are becoming interested in spas. Long gone are the stereotypes and sense of uncomfortableness for men surround spas – now it’s a time where men have grown with keen interest to look after their bodies through and spas have followed suit to embrace this. Combining modern and traditional forms of treatment, the spas have created environments appealing to men. The theraputic nature and indulgent pleasure for your body is the best way to recharge batteries and reinvigorate yourself.

Other notable spa treatments include;

  • spaLONDON who have a range of male treatments while also offering £25 spa days as part of the spa-tacular promotion. They have a Skin IQ Facial which is an anti-aging treatment for men who want to preserve their youthful looks.
  • Champneys Spas will be offering exclusive spa days and spa breaks during the promotion fortnight and have the unusual men’s treatment called the ‘CARITA CINETIC™ LIFT EXPERT L’HOMME IDEAL’ – which is a digital device combined with accessories that uses new technologies such as luminotherapy and ultrasonic micro-massage, to deliver a sensation of wellbeing, exceptional performance and visible and lasting results on the skin and scalp.
  • The Titanic Spa in Huddersfield will be offering an Elemis Sole Delight Grooming for Feet just for men. This is a total sensory experience for your feet where warmed aroma-therapeutic oils nourish and super-condition neglected feet and nails.

Chris Chasseaud

Chris is the Style & Features Editor at Ape to Gentleman, and one of the UK's leading style commentators. Having worked in the fashion and design world for his entire career he's well placed to deliver sartorial advice.