Diadora Makes It Bright

‘To share gifts and honours’, this is the Greek meaning of the word and namesake of the iconic 60 year old Italian running brand; Diadora. Built on authenticity, innovation and craftsmanship- Ape to Gentleman take pleasure in presenting the Diadora Makes It Bright campaign, which turned the delivery of a pair of shoes into something epic.


It began with one person ordering a pair of Italian made N9000 online, and unknowingly pushing the start button of the relay run across 1500 km of varied terrain through Southern Europe. Runners from 10 different countries passed on the shoebox from Diadora’s manufacturing headquarters in Milan, all the way to the final destination in Barcelona.

During the run, people were able to take part at makeitbright.diadora.com by keeping track of the package as the run progressed through Europe, one day at a time.


As you can see from the run imagery and campaign imagery, a core value of Diadora is making ‘it’ bright- meaning a new way to enjoy life, sport and style. Putting the joy of sport front and centre in a world which speaks a language made of pressure, performance and gain.

The apparel and footwear itself is obviously a secondary focus of the campaign, but seriously- welcome Diadora to the technical and lifestyle sportswear market.


Whether you’re a serious athlete and require technical wear or want to mix in some colour with a more casual approach these latest creations from the heritage Italian brand are worthy of any lengthy run or equally, to add some colour to a more casual approach.

*Ape to Gentleman in partnership with Diadora