Dive Watches 2014

Summer is coming and what could be better than swimming in the sea in the soaring heat? Or, for those who are lucky enough, taking a dive deep beneath blue waters. Whatever your reasons are for being in the water this summer, a watch that can withstand the onslaught is something to think about.

For this type of activity and for general ‘cool’, look no further than a dive watch. The two we recommend have certainly taken the spotlight this year; the new Bremont Submariner and the new IWC Aquatimer.

Bremont Supermarine S2000

The Bremont watch brand was began by two brothers with a love of aviation so it’s a delightful shock that they also produce high quality diving watches. This diving watch is the S2000 model, named so because of its ability to withstand 2000 metres of water. To protect the movement, the watch also features an iron Faraday cage built inside the case to make sure it has ultimate shock resistance when being used 2000 metres underwater. A coating of SuperLumiNova is also found on the uni-directional rotating bezel and the indexes and hands so it can be read clearly in the darkness deep underwater.

Bremont Supermarine S2000 | £3,600 >

IWC Aquatimer IW329001

IWC announced in January of this year their new SafeDive Internal/External Bezel System. The system allows divers to set their diving time using an external rotating bezel that connects with an internal rotating bezel. The bezel can only be turned anti-clockwise so the diving time is never exceeded, which can be dangerous for the diver. The bezel can also easily be turned with diving gloves. It also features a quick change bracelet system allowing the wearer to easily and quickly change from a rubber strap to a stainless steel bracelet. This particular model is water resistant to 300 metres.

IWC Aquatimer IW329001 | £4,250 >