Dorco Classic Razor

Your daily shaving routine. What thoughts does reading that sentence evoke? Hassle, time-consuming, painful? From reader feedback- these words tend to crop up time and time again with Ape to Gentleman’s readers, many suffering at the hands of poor quality shaving preparations and sub-standard shaving ‘hardware’.

A typical daily routine at Ape HQ consists of rising around 6am for either a run or a cycle, followed by breakfast, a black coffee and prior to heading to the office at 8am a shower and a shave. Now, inevitably- we are rushing, and shaving is one part of the morning process that requires maximum attention and time for a fairly mundane process. Be it hurrying for a flight or a quick turnaround from the office ready for an evening event, time is of the essence- as is comfort, specifically with regards to shaving.


Until now the shaving process has been somewhat of a chore, until recently when we were introduced to Dorco, a South Korean shaving brand founded in 1955.  New to the UK, Dorco has built a seriously strong following globally, serving millions of customers with some of the finest razor handles and shaving blades.

Last week we received the all-new Dorco Classic razor at Ape HQ- a vintage inspired, gloss black, ergonomic handle type affair with a pivoting head and set of matching blades. And, a promise of a close shave. As before, typically, a seriously early flight departure was met with usual morning-haste to complete the routine and get on the road to the airport. It also happened to be the first time the Dorco Classic razor was put to the test.


In detail- the new Dorco Classic cartridges are unique with seven precision-aligned blades and angulated blade technology. What does this mean? The promise is a closer, more comfortable shave and in fewer strokes.

The results, we have to say- were excellent. A close, comfortable shave was achieved- no doubt in part to the advanced lubricating strip with antioxidants from Argan oil and Calendula extract which we are assured helps soothe sensitive and dry skin, and heal razor burn. But also, we must thank the open structure design which enables easy rinsing (keeps blades sharper for longer too) for speeding up our shave, and making that flight!


Hats off to Dorco for creating not only the most stylish razor on the market today but also one that not only reduces irritation, improves comfort and closeness but also helps make your morning routine less painful and increases your chances of not missing flights, meetings and important social events. It’ll look great on any bathroom shelf.


Prices for Dorco Classic start from £8.74 (handle and one blade) and there’s free shipping for orders over £10. Refill wise- a four-pack of blades comes in at just £2.19 per blade. If taking the hassle out of frequent buying is your preferred method then Dorco delivers replacement blades straight to your door when you need them, and will be introducing a subscription service on the Dorco Classic from August (available on all other ranges now).  Take a look at for more information.

Use exclusive code APE20 at the checkout until the 31st of July to get 20% off all the Dorco Classic range.


In partnership with Dorco