Drake’s x Royal College of Art

Starting your own art collection is a tricky business; with so many outlets for artistic expression, sifting through the output from the most recent up-and-comers to find a piece you love enough to invest in can be a laborious process. Thankfully the thoughtful folks at Drake’s have provided a remedy to the situation in their most recent collaborative project.


Already known for their expertise in creating ties, scarves, clothing and even accessories of fine quality, the London manufacturer has given 6 students at the Royal College of Art the opportunity of adorning their pocket squares with pieces of artwork, giving customers the chance make their first investment in a unique objet d’art. Each work in the series has been selected by the RCA’s Creative Director, Michael Hill, and will be available in limited numbers only, effortlessly combining the artistic pedigree of the RCA alongside the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with Drake’s wares.


Whether you intentions are to add a little artistic flair to your days ensemble or to frame and mount your purchase at home, the series will no doubt offer the perfect opportunity to add a petite piece of art history to your personal possessions.

Each piece is available to buy online and at Drake’s Clifford Street store priced £60.