There is something about Duelling that is both admirable and yet apeish at the same time. The structure and regulations that are adhered to, despite their impending doom strikes me as Genteel. However the fact they both parties feel that a duel is the best way to settles matters is somewhat Neanderthalic to say the very least.

The idea behind a Duel was not necessarily for it to end in death for either party, but to walk away knowing that you were willing to put your life at stake for your honour.


This concept of Duelling with Wax bullets (New York, 1909) shows the gamesmanship behind duelling which could be likened to fencing in some respects, seeing as the sword was the original weapon utilised in duels.


Thinking about it, rather than the pub brawls we currently witness, every pub should have a set of these pistols behind the bar. If someone spills your drink, all you would have to do is throw down your glove and proceed count out the paces.

Photos from The Retronaut.