Rarely does a fragrance capture our attention so firmly, as Eight & Bob has done. Not only for the scent but for the story surrounding its birth.

A Parisian aristocrat named Albert Fouquet with a nose for making fine, homemade fragrances was vacationing on the French Riviera. By chance, he got talking to a young John F. Kennedy. As with Monsieur Fouquet’s own social circle, JFK was captivated by the fragrance her wore. So much so, the future US president requested a sample be left at his hotel to take home to the US. The jar was duly left, with a note:

“In this jar, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks”

Upon returning home, Fouquet received a letter from JFK, requesting eight samples and a bottle for his brother Robert ‘Bob’ Kennedy. Albert obliged and met JFK’s request with a note labelled Eight & Bob. Soon after, requests arrived from Hollywood actors such as Cary Grant.

Unfortunately a road accident in Biarritz cut short Albert’s life and with it the production of Eight & Bob. However, his trusty butler Philippe who had assisted in the production of the original fragrance had hidden any remaining bottles inside books from the Nazi’s during World War II and decades later, his family released the formula for production today.

The key note of the fragrance is “Andrea” an aromatic herb found only at altitude in the Andes, Chile. Due to the rarity of this ingredient, and irregular growth only a certain amount of production can occur, resulting in a worldwide limited supply.

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