Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari have unveiled their new Ferrari F12tdf, a mind-blowing machine that pays tribute to the company’s historic success in the Tour de France. In the spirit of dominant track behavior, the Ferrari reaches 0 to 62 miles per hour in a mere 2.9 seconds. From here, it reaches a maximum speed of 211mph.

Ferrari boasts that the F12tdf has raced around the private Fiorano, Italy test track in just 1 minute, 21 seconds — two seconds faster than the already lightning-quick F12berlinetta.

From looks to engineering, the car appears to be the complete package — a more capable F12Berlinetta in its aerodynamic form with a trick carbon fiber “Aerobridge” that redirects air to increase downforce. This car is special — only 799 models will be made in Modena, and you can bet most if not all are already accounted for.