Whisky As You’ve Never Seen It Before

To celebrate their 21 year old liquid that’s nurtured in Scotland and finished in rum-infused casks from the Caribbean, the Maverick Whisky Makers of Dufftown, Glenfiddich, have created an interesting experiment that combines science, art, music and motion.

This ambitious project spanned twelve months and brought together a diverse ‘cast’ including experts in the science of Cymatics – the study of visible sound waves – Caribbean vocalist, Calma Carmona, and the Co-Operative Orchestra Scotland, Glenfiddich has conducted a revolutionary experiment designed to explore the effects of live music on single malt.

The unusual artists in this unique collaboration provides the perfect metaphor for the qualities president of the single malt, matured for 21 years in Scotland and then given a vibrant twist by finishing for four months in Glenfiddich Caribbean rum casks.