Finessed: Curated Prints From A New Breed Of Artists

Finessed Art

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

We’ve always known that art is subjective. What one man sees as beautiful, the next will see as something quite contrary. Choice, taste and style are the ingredients of a complicated ‘algorithm’ presented to any art curator to balance, research and evolve. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And the curators at the new print retail website have a unique eye, like no other.

Launched today, finessed have revealed an eclectic mix of artists who have earned a reputation for shaping the future of culture and emotions in the digital landscape. Paints, stones and clay have given way to Leica M cameras and the wizardry of Canon colour science and beyond. But fear not, for the lost art of art, is not lost – but transformed for the twenty-first century.

Beach Life by Chris Beastall

Despite this leap into the twenty-first century and modern technology – finessed have remained true to art’s original roots. Creations are available as prints on first quality canvas from renowned illustrators and photographers. All chosen for their unique perspective on this planet we’ll call home.

Ape were fortunate enough to receive a pre-launch print of our choosing and can vouch for the obscenely good quality of the product. Choose from a range of sizes including A4 through to A1, and a choice of two print materials – ultra smooth matt cotton 305gsm or Daguerre matt canvas 400gsm. Prints start at £50. Each canvas is subtly embossed with the finessed logo, and printed by a printer proudly boasting Fine Art Trade Guild and ArtSure accreditation to ensure the finest Giclée digital printing (essentially a 4K resolution painting) the industry has to offer aboard the aforementioned, finest museum-grade canvases.

Outlook by Jack Bedford

‘Get To Know Your Artist And Their Inspiration

Each artist has their own page – a fine place to ‘get to know’ your favourite artist. And each print is accompanied by a title and brief description written by the artist who created the artwork. It’s a great touch – transporting you to the time and place, the moment in history where the artist pressed the shutter or first drew inspiration for their illustration or graphics. And in truth, a valuable insight into each artists minds to learn from – and feel more of a connection to the print of your choosing. Furthermore, the website is a soothing artistic environment with superb preview function – so one can see the artwork in action against a stylishly decorated lounge space.

New Yorker by Jonathan Daniel Pryce


So next time you look at that blank space on your wall, or are moving into a new place, or perhaps have purchased a new throw of colour – think about what could have been in its place. Treat yourself to a daily escape with finessed fine art print (or two).

Filter by theme, such as travel or minimal. Or subject, such as people or buildings and orientation – be it portrait or landscape, there’s an option for every space. You might also decide that it’s not all about your space(s), but a perfect gift for anyone appreciative of fine, unique art. We think finessed is great, and that you will too.

Fine art prints by fine artists – available at now.