We have an interesting snippet of news for you on this fine morning regarding Jenson Button; reigning Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, currently driving for team McLaren-Mercedes, style icon, ladies favourite and all round good bloke. He is to be the new ambassador for men’s bathroom favourite; head&shoulders shampoo.

We are big fans of Jenson here at Ape to Gentleman HQ, so are naturally pleased that he’s decided to lend his name to the male grooming market. We see the partnership with head&shoulders as an ideal fit, I mean who hasn’t a.) wanted to drive an F1 car and b.) how many blokes haven’t used head&shoulders. Answer: not many!

We have some interesting quotes for you from the pggrooming.com website before I give you my opinion:

Speaking about the partnership Button says: “I have used head&shoulders for years, so I am thrilled to team up with such an iconic brand. Like the millions of British men who use it every day, it’s one of my grooming essentials. Whether I’m trackside or in a tux, head&shoulders is an easy way to keep my hair flake free, helping me to look and feel good every day.”

James Nunn, head&shoulders Brand Communications Manager, said, “head&shoulders is the no.1 selling shampoo in the UK so it seemed natural to team up with Jenson as he is a style icon that the everyday man on the street can relate to. British men aspire to him as he has a natural, relaxed approach to grooming which is exactly what head&shoulders is all about.”

Jenson Button is the new ambassador for the UK’s number 1 shampoo brand, head&shoulders.

I don’t know about you but I was slightly confused growing up with regards to Head & Shoulders – is it just a shampoo or is it a treatment for dandruff? Jenson’s quote above clarifies it for me when he says, “head&shoulders is an easy way to keep my hair flake free”. I think I know what he means… it’s obviously a general shampoo but also a shampoo that keeps dandruff away. Still confused? All you need to know is that head&shoulders will keep your hair in decent condition and prevent dandruff. If you’re still not convinced, well apparently Jenson really does use head&shoulders and was doing so even before this partnership!

Available pretty much everywhere at £1.89 for 200ml. Get in your car and pick a bottle up, just don’t drive as quickly as Jenson on your way! Ape to Gentleman’s favourite 3 are: Classic Clean, For Men and Hair Endurance(for if you’re a bit thin on top). See Jenson and his hair in action this weekend at the Turkish grand prix, flake free no doubt.