After a one week absence (the Jonny Wilkinson interview stole the show last Friday) you’ll be pleased to see that Friday Five is back. This week’s kicks off with some World Cup fever from SureMen and their Last 8 Sweepstake. This guy was lucky enough to get Brazil as his Sweepstake team, I got Switzerland…

Creating the SureMen sweepstake machine and filming it in one take was a definite challenge, but we’re really excited by the end result.  Rube Goldberg machines are renowned for their complexity, which is what makes them so popular and fun to watch.  We’re hoping football fans everywhere will love this viral in the run up to South Africa.”


The iPad was (officially) launched in the UK this week, with around 200,000 sold on Day 1. Rather than dwell on the present Ape to Gentleman have already been pondering future advancements that will lead to a new breed of hand held device altogether; while the iPad is no doubt a handy device, there’s no denying it is in essence a big iPhone. Sony have developed a Flexible OLED display, that can be bent and manipulated while still showing moving imagery. Imagine being able to read Ape to Gentleman on the move, enjoy our exemplary grooming tips, then roll it up and stick it in your pocket. Cue the Apple flexiPad – you heard it here first.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


What do you get when you combine Middle Eastern extravagance with Italian Heritage?  Ferrari World. Opening 28 October 2010 in Abu Dhabi,  Ferrari World will feature a Ferrari Theme park featuring the fastest Roller coaster on the Planet, so fast in fact that you’ll have to wear safety goggles. The rest of the attractions are more predictable; Italian restaurants, Ferrari Museums and Ferrari merchandise galore. But can you buy a Ferrari there? Funnily enough they didn’t say.

Fish therapy concept spa

An alternative method of men’s skin care London’s first ever fish therapy concept spa, Aqua Sheko is opening it’s doors in Kensington, on Monday 7th June. A popular beauty treatment in Asia, fish therapy is a relaxing way to remove dead skin from your feet as tiny fish gently suck and nibble away the dead skin, leaving your feet smooth and revitalised.

Founder of Aqua Sheko, Karen Ho, is very excited to bring fish therapy to London and believes it is important for everyone to look after their feet. “Winter can be very punishing on our feet. It is easy to forget about your feet when you are hiding them away in boots but it’s essential that we look after them. Fish therapy is an enjoyable and relaxing way to remove a build up of dead skin and maintain smooth, good looking feet all year round.”

Aqua Sheko is located at 14 Holland Street, High Street Kensington, London W8 4LT. To indulge your feet in a fish therapy session email [email protected]

World Cup Celebrations

This is a clever idea of how to impersonate your favourite stars this World Cup. Not sure you’ll see too many of these Rooney shirts around though…

Creatives: Bas van de Poel, Daan van Dam
Photographer: Milan Daniels