Calypso Crystal iPhone Dock


This week’s Friday Five has a feel of opulence about it, for although it is well advised for a modern gent to be understated, there is no harm in the occasional extravagant purchase to fit in with your otherwise ‘modest’ lifestyle.


If you take over 300 years experience of Crystal making, weeks of graft, 15 pairs of dextrous hands and combine them with the finest lead crystal glass, what do you get? You get $349 less in your bank, and an elegant CrystalDock for your iPhone. The CrystalDock fits the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, 2G and the iPod Touch. Do it gentlemen, your desks will thank you.

Calypso Crystal via Luxist

Portland General Store


Just when you think the male grooming world has no surprises left, you unearth an absolute hidden gem of a range such as the Portland General Store. A small company that makes its personal care products by hand, their range includes high-quality shave products, soaps and smelling salts all made in small batches, using basic and natural ingredients. A part of me feels that I don’t actually need to know any more about this range, as all it’s going to do is sit on my shelf so I can admire it’s rustic elegance.


Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero II


It was only a matter of time before the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport was ‘outgunned’ and my only surprise (if any) is that it has taken this long for a challenger to appear. Not happy with their first attempt, Shelby Super Car have unveiled the Ultimate Aero II which will have 1350bhp (150 more than the Bugatti Veyron) which means theoretically the car will be able to do 274 mph. This will make it the fastest production car ever… Expect to shell out in the region of £1million for the pleasure of this speed.

via Billionaire Boys Club

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Noir Absolu


Aptly entitled ‘Noir Absolu’ this latest interpretation affirms its elegance with warm, woody scent that complements a man’s dress code for the most sophisticated of occasions – such as going down to the local to watch the footy. While this scent may be better suited to the ‘Bond-esque’ black tie occasions, there is no reason why you can’t add a spray of class to those Saturday afternoons.

Released especially for this Christmas, L’Eau d’Issey Noir Absolu is available nationwide from October 2010

Dunhill Biometric Wallet


To complete the opulence of this week Friday Five is a gadget befitting of today’s gent, a gadget ‘Q’ himself would be proud of. From Dunhill comes a lightweight Biometric Wallet, wrapped in carbon fiber which can only be opened by a biometric swipe of your finger. The materials used to produce the wallet ensure a near-indestructible case for your bank cards in a feather-weight format. The wallet can also be linked to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to alert you if the wallet moves too far away from you and your mobile. This gadgetry would make James Bond jealous. via Acquire Mag