Milbar Laboratories


Ape to Gentleman’sFriday Five begins this week with an introduction of a ‘new’ skin care brand. I say ‘new’ because while M Lab has only recently appeared on our radar, Milbar Laboratories has been formulating innovative skin care in the medical market for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for over 25 years.

The elegant silhouette of the packaging and minimal yet informative labels suggest a surgical precision, reaffirming the cosmeceutical development required to produce the formulas inside. The M Lab brief was ‘to create without limitation, the most efficacious and luxurious anti-aging formulations in the world’.

They certainly talk the talk, once tried, we’ll let you know if they walk the walk.

How to keep her happy…


There are many ways to cheer yourself up, but one sure fire way to make yourself truly happy, is to make your other half happy. You could buy her the normal gifts, perfume flowers, cosmetics etc. but why not treat her to something different, something unique, something that can’t be replicated. Like this limited edition Chanel Lipstick from infamous fashion duo Dee & Ricky. With only 50 made, it’s guaranteed to make her happy (i.e. make you happy).

To get one email Dee & Ricky –

via HighsSnobiety

Tumi x Haute Harrods


Tumi has produced a one-off, couture attaché for the ‘Haute Harrods’ celebrations in September. Designed for discerning gentleman who appreciates the highest standards in luxury, the elegantly designed ‘Tennyson’ briefcase is handcrafted in Italy and features boxed wood construction in Tumi’s traditional ballistic nylon, finished in gold-brushed, leather.

As modern as it is elegant, the briefcase has compartments for phones, files and incorporates an inner pocket for the iPad and is lined in sand lambskin, to contrast with the rich chocolate leather exterior.

Tumi Townhouse ‘Tennyson’ Attaché costs £2,895  and is available exclusively from Harrods.

Tommy Hilfiger Loud


The Friday Five over the last few weeks showcased new fragrance releases, so not to break the recent trend, here is the latest fragrance release from Tommy Hilfiger – Loud. As the name suggests, Loud is aimed at the younger gentleman:

“Patchouli plays the lead – but its stormy depth is mashed up with the whisper of a rose. They move in and out of sync until someone hammers the volume. Moody and soulful, tobacco takes over creating a mindblowing track that shoots straight to your soul.”

Available Nationwide.

Vintage Silhouettes


This weeks Friday Five finishes with a point of focus especially for our US readers. California-based artist Karl Johnson is heading to NYC to showcase his unique ability with scissors. Karl Johnson creates, vintage-inspired silhouettes from paper in a matter of minutes, worthy of any gentleman’s place of reflection.


Karl Johnson will be inspiring at Babesta Cribz from 10am-5pm, 11 September 2010. Each profile will cost just $25 with copies available for $15.

Cut Arts via Cool Hunting