How to ‘sharpen’ your razor blade with your arm…

The problem (or great thing depending on how you look at it) with YouTube is that anyone with a camera and a computer becomes an expert. There are no qualifications needed, no YouTube Certified exams, just upload a video with your opinion and job done! Such is the case with this semi-nude Gentleman, known as Terrypun on Youtube (or Lifehacker as ShaveBlog call him) who claims that you can sharpen your cartridge razor with your forearm. I could take the time dissect his theory, but it seems ShaveBlog have more than done it justice. Click here to see the video in question.


AERTEX: The Story


Patriotism continues in this weeks Friday Five with English founded (and still English-owned) clothing brand Aertex. The story began in 1888 when Lancashire mill owner Lewis Haslam discovered the benefits of  ‘Cellular’ fabric from an observation made on his aunt’s ‘holy’ fabric gloves. Legend has it that on a chilly day the cloth provided a buffer between the warmth of the skin and the chill of the atmosphere. The contradiction of ‘holes’ and ‘warmth’ created the birth of  The Cellular Clothing Company and the famous Aertex brand. Perhaps better known for its cooling properties, Aertex was a massive hit from the first batch of shirts it produced, and was a leading label in Britain from the 1940s through to the1970s. It made uniforms for the Desert Rats fighting in North Africa in WWII and supplied England with football shirts for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. The story of the Aertex brand is now being rekindled for a new generation playing on its rich heritage and style.

Porsche Design The Essence Summer Ice


It seems the Porsche Design fragrance series is set to continue, and why not? Their elegant bottles immediately raise the bar of any man’s fragrance skyline. Porsche Design’s Summer Ice by Anne Flipo is “a harmony of fresh, vibrant and invigorating notes. It is a stylish citrus aromatic woody perfume signed Porsche Design, that combines exacting taste, purity, elegance, simplicity and contrasts. The composition opens with a stimulating, invigorating freshness – defined by a molecule called arctical, specific to all The Essence fragrances – and a refreshing green-citrus accord of Italian lemon, mandarin, green mint and juniper berry. The radiant and woody fragrant trail of the perfume is magnified by Tunisian neroli and cedar wood notes.”

Porsche Design via Fragrantica

Lacoste Candle


We are seeing a resurgence in the popularity of using candles as a method to freshen up your home with the top fragrance brands Frederic Malle, Linari, Diptyque leading the way with their luxury scents. Now sports lifestyle brand Lacoste is getting in on the act with two candles that pay homage to their tennis heritage with themed scents called grass and clay. Grass contains notes of violet leaf and tonka bean while Clay features scents of oakmoss and cedarwood.

Lacoste via Acquire

Onra – Long Distance

A potential future soundtrack in the Ape to Gentleman office, Onra’s new album is set to be a nostalgic success with tracks that sound so authentic you would be forgiven for thinking they came directly of the 80’s. Last featured on Ape to Gentleman with his acclaimed album Chinoiseries,  Onra’s Long Distance has the same production quality but is a completely different listening experience altogether with synthesized Bass guitars and his modern interpretation of 80’s sounds. One to watch out for, Long Distance is set to be released at the end of May.