Haeckels Skincare- Made of Margate

As the popularity of men’s grooming continues to increase a coastal-based brand has arrived on the scene and it’s making waves. Natural skin care and fragrance brand Haeckels understand the importance of organic ingredients, stylish design and a high quality finish, whilst also staying true to their roots by showing the significance of coastal living within their collection.

Each product created by Haeckels are hand-crafted in their sea-side cliff top laboratory in Margate using only locally grown botanicals with high quality anti-oxidant properties.

Haeckels hold one of only two licenses in England which allow them to harvest seaweed from the English coast, ensuring their products are not only of premium quality but also locally sourced. The hand harvested Seaweed stands as the base ingredient for all Haeckels products which are inspired by the tradition of Thalassotherapy (Greek word meaning sea or ocean) which uses only natural minerals and materials found in the ocean to help replenish and rejuvenate the skin.